Beginning the NICU Journey- A Letter to Parents

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Dear Preemie Parent,

We know we were not a part of your birth plan. We are never in anyone’s birth plan, and this chapter was somehow left out of the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book. The beginning of parenthood is supposed to be a joyous and momentous occasion filled with celebration. Instead you are here, here with us. Unable to hold and snuggle your baby like you had planned. This is a heartbreaking way to meet your child for the first time.


You want nothing more than to protect your baby, and to do anything and everything to make it all better. We want you to know that we are not here to take that place, but guide you through this experience, helping you make informed decisions and providing you with the information, advice, and resources you need to get your baby home with you. Our promise to you is to be the voice of your baby, the gentle hands of your heart, and to protect and love your child like they are own of our own. In the dark moments of the NICU, when you feel alone and afraid, we are here to listen to your concerns and be a shoulder to cry on. We will also be here to celebrate the milestones and rejoice in the victories alongside you. But most of all, we will support you, and help you through this long, uncertain, and sometimes very scary journey.

You will have so many mixed emotions along the way; including terror, fear, concern, and heartache, but most importantly love. You will grow and learn with your baby and some days will be easier than others. The hard days can be really hard but they will be coupled with many more that will leave you proud as you cheer on your little fighter. Our promise to you is to make this journey the very best it can be. We will protect and care for your baby in the very best way possible, with guidance, love, and with you, the parent. Although you would have rather not met us, we are privileged and honored to have met you, and we hope, in time, to help you put all the broken pieces of your heart back together again.



 Your NICU Team



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