Micro Preemie Miracle Medication

  Snuggled deep within the nest of my incubator, I was kept warm, safe, and away from my new stark NICU world. Wires and tubes draped from my small, vulnerable body, keeping an eye on my every breath, every move. As the ventilator puffed air into my tiny underdeveloped lungs, my toothpick like ribs would […]

NICU Journey Wishes–A Parenting Perspective

Surprising Facts about Breast Milk and Feeding Your Preemie

  Wait, is this a booby trap? No, I am not a diehard breast bully and I am not here to try and convince you or guilt you into giving your baby breast milk. But being a NICU nurse has made me somewhat of a “lactavist”, and I can tell you first hand that I […]

RSV Preemie

RSV and your Preemie Was your baby born early? Babies born prematurely, before 36 weeks gestation are at high risk for severe RSV disease. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common and highly contagious seasonal virus that typically starts in the fall and runs into the spring. Almost all children contract RSV by the time […]