Micro Preemie Miracle Medication

  Snuggled deep within the nest of my incubator, I was kept warm, safe, and away from my new stark NICU world. Wires and tubes draped from my small, vulnerable body, keeping an eye on my every breath, every move. As the ventilator puffed air into my tiny underdeveloped lungs, my toothpick like ribs would […]

A Glimpse into the Life and Love of Neonatal Nursing

  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a NICU nurse?

Celebrating your NICU Journey

  How our NICU bedside program is different from all the rest

Welcome to my NICU World

Dear Family and friends, I am so glad that you want to meet me. I know you are excited that I have arrived, and I am excited to meet you too, but please understand that because I was born early or that I need to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, I have special […]

This is the NICU

  Tiny babies with shiny, translucent skin lay dependent on a wired world while a┬ámusical rhythm of monitors and machines fills the air. Here, dim dark corners are lined with incubators in a perfect pattern all adorned with nametags in an attempt to bring some normalcy and personality to the stark hospital world.