You Teach Me- Simple Life Lessons Learned from Preemies


  Lying under radiant heat, hooked to machines, wires, and tubes; fine thin hair covers your small vulnerable body. You struggle for each breath you take. I look at you and marvel at your strength. Strength not measured by physical power, but by the power to persevere and overcome daily adversities.

Unwritten: Thoughts from a Bedside NICU Nurse


  Darkness gave way to the blue lights glowing in the distance. The hum of the oxygen created a beautiful white noise that seemed almost hypnotizing. The room was surprisingly quiet. Typically the sounds are echoing off the walls but at this particularly moment I felt the peace within the space that sometimes gets lost […]

Your Preemie’s Special Language


  The womb is a warm, dark, and cozy home where the baby spends their days and nights curled up with arms and legs tucked in and flexed. Sounds of the mother’s heartbeat are rhythmic and soothing while the outside world sounds are muffled and muted. Boundaries are formed by the uterine walls and the […]

24 Weeks- The Story of Luke Jude

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  Written by Jade On a warm autumn’s morning, November 26, 2012 at 9:07 a.m, a team of doctors and nurses whisked a 1lb 6oz baby off to the NICU. Born sixteen weeks too soon with a long journey ahead, our perfect miracle – we named him Luke Jude. Life has a way of waking […]

A Letter from your Preemie


  Dear family and friends, I’m super excited that I have reached the point in my journey to finally say I’m coming home! I have overcome so many obstacles along the way and I am getting stronger and stronger every single day. Mommy and Daddy cannot thank you enough for the outpouring of support, understanding, […]