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Jodi Dolezel RN

Advanced Certification in Neonatal Nursing
Developmental Care Specialist- Neonatal Intensive Care
President, PeekabooICU, LLC


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Peekaboo ICU, LLC
7900-D Stevens Mill Road, Suite #237,
Matthews, NC, 28104, USA


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  1. From
    – John Honaman, Executive Director, Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA)


    I am so blessed to have been chosen to serve the 18 HMBANA Mothers’ Milk Banks in North America, 3 in Canada and 15 in the U.S.

    As I still have much to learn, I was poking around the Internet to learn more about preemies and micro preemies. I came across Jodi’s name on an article that a Google search returned to me on the About Health ( website.

    I am not sure how much Jodi knows about HMBANA (I apologize if this is naive), but I decided to make contact with this website.

    I am on LinkedIn but I would sense it will be unlikely we will connect as I do not have her email address.

    My email is and my cell/office phone is 817.229.0240.

    Thanks for all you do – your work is TREMENDOUSLY IMPORTANT!

  2. zina steinberg says:

    Hi Jodi,
    I’m not sure if I wrote you before – so excuse me if I repeat myself.
    I am a psychologist working at the Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian, Columbia University in New York. About 13 years ago I started working to develop a program in the NICU to work with parents and staff of NICU babies.
    I love your website and have used many of the postings with parents. Just this past Thursday, at the weekly parent support group I again gave them one of the postings and we talked about it. It happened to be a group of parents with ELBW babies – and all recently born. The posting was a great jump off for discussion.
    Thank you for taking the time to produce this wonderful website.

  3. Linda Black says:


    I saw a foot, some hair, a hand,
    This wasn’t the entry I had planned.
    No joyous cries and happy tears,
    Just anguished minutes and intense fears.

    A blurry image of you I saw,
    From a distance I was in shock and awe.
    So many people surrounded you,
    This was not good my instincts knew.

    A quick glance at a tiny bundle,
    My heart raced on, my fingers tremble.
    Out of the doors and far away,
    I would not see you again that day.

    The tubes, alarms and wires shocked me,
    Was this my infant that I could see?
    This tiny bundle lying so still,
    My heart felt heavy, my eyes did fill.

    A gentle voice I could hear,
    She slowly tried to drain my fear.
    My fingers grasped by a tiny hand,
    Was this the joy I had planned?

    Two tiny eyes look back at me,
    A family resemblance was clear to see.
    My fears started to fade away,
    As I thank God for my child’s birthday.

    Linda Black,
    Resident Scottish Nurse
    NICU Rady Children’s Hospital
    San Diego
    (June 2009)
    (Dedicated to all the parents of infants in the NICU)

  4. Mary Blood says:

    My granddaughter gave birth at 29 weeks to a l lb. 10 oz. girl. She is now 12 days old and for the past week has not been digesting her mother’s milk. The doctor had her stomach and abdomen x-rayed and said all looked well. The baby is tube-fed the milk, and then her abdomen distends. They backed off for a couple of days and was just swabbing the baby’s mouth with a Q-tip dipped in the milk. The distension subsided. They tried tube-feeding her again, with a lesser amount and more slowly. The distension returned. Now they are talking possible surgery on this 1 pound baby. We are very fearful of that and are very concerned how this baby will live and grow if it cannot eat. Please share any thoughts.

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